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MRSA In The News – Now Being Found In Milk

Another instance of MRSA is happening again, but this time scientists in the UK have found a strain of MRSA in cow’s milk. It was found during a study on udder infection mastitis in dairy herds. It has since caused a small number of serious blood infections and other minor infections in people. There is no clear link to how people are becoming infected with this strain of MRSA, but the study suggests that this is likely a result of being in contact with infected cattle or people that work with animals.

Dr. Mark Holmes, who led the study, stated that milk from infected cows was safe to drink because the bug, along with other bacteria, was killed by pasteurisation. This is good news since more than 99% of milk consumed in the UK is pasteurised.

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Mother Banned from McDonalds After Exposing MRSA and its Hazardous State

We remain committed to working with an internal team on ensuring that our PlayPlaces are clean and safe for all customers – McDonalds Spokesperson, Oct 2011

Erin Carr-Jordon, a mother of four who is a college professor with a doctorate in developmental psychology, has been banned from eight McDonald’s in and surrounding the Pheonix area on the grounds of drawing attention to the hazardous and unsanitary state of their PlayPlace areas for children.  Carr-Jordon took notice of a particular McDonald’s PlayPlace when she was with her children and became appalled at the state of the unsanitary designated areas where they are encouraged to play.  The 36 year-old mother went on to take samples by swabbing slides and sent them to a private lab.  The results concluded that the PlayPlace environment tested positive for hazardous pathogens found in fecal matter and mucus.  The area tested positive with the antibiotic-resistant superbug MRSA, which is known to cause life-threatening infections, especially in children.

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