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1 In 3 Nurse Bags Carry Deadly Superbug MRSA

Lipstick? Check. Wallet? Check. Car keys? Check. Deadly bacteria???

Sometimes, we carry around more than we think in our bags; such is the case for hundreds of mobile clinicians in the UK and around the globe. Studies show that 55% of nurses’ medical bags that have been used to deliver community care – that is, at home medical care – in the UK are never cleaned. A mere 6% are said to be cleaned weekly. And yet, a nurse visits an average of 17 patients a day, the majority being for wound care. Plug all these stats in, and it is not surprising to hear that one third of all medical bags are said to carry the MRSA bug. There doesn’t exist any official cleaning standards for nurses` bags, and as a result, traditional bags are often outdated, unsafe, simple rucksacks made from absorbent material. They’re full of pockets, buttons, zippers, and folds that are difficult to clean and that can serve as perfect housing and free public transit for bacteria, particularly MRSA.

My grandmother, a community nurse in her day and a hand sanitizer-aholic, recounts that even in being conscientious of cleaning her bag regularly it was nearly impossible to get every surface, for all the snaps and crevices prevented thoroughness. She could sterilize until the cows came home, but the deepest corner of the side pocket, or the underside of the zipper, or the crease in the fabric were forever vulnerable to bacteria.

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