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Mother Of Twins, Lana Kuykendall, Fights Deadly Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Thirteen hours after giving birth to a healthy set of twins, a South Carolina woman was diagnosed with a rare flesh-eating infection. This is the second case of necrotizing fasciitis to make headlines this month.

On May 8th, just a few hours after being discharged from Emery University Hospital in Atlanta, Lana Kuykendall was admitted in to Greenville Memorial Hospital.  According to NBC News, Friend Kayla Moon stated Kuykendall, “was having a lot of pain and noticed a spot on her leg.”

Kuykendall’s husband, Darren Kuykendall, stated that the ‘spot’ initially appeared as a red and black bruise about the size of a 3 by 5 index card; however, after a half hour it grew almost a quarter of an inch. Within hours the strange bruise grew to cover the back of her leg. Moon told reporters that, “(Kuykendall) kept getting worse in front of your eyes. She would just get worse and worse and worse. Every minute it was like she was going down.”

Initially, the Kuykendall couple rushed to the hospital thinking that the spot was a blood clot. Within an hour Lana Kuykendall was diagnosed with the rare-flesh eating bacteria and was rushed into the surgery room. Kuykendall underwent four surgeries; doctors removed the infected flesh and believe to have stopped the spread of the bacteria with the help of antibiotics. No Limbs had to be removed during this process.  Lana is currently in critical, but stable condition.

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