Moving away from paternalistic medicine

In a series of tweets yesterday the prestigious National Academy of Medicine called for the greater participation of patients in their own care, to which infectious disease expert Brad Spellberg, MD, tweeted, Yes! Need to move away from paternalistic medicine!

In fact, Dr. Spellberg, who is the CMO at the Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center, has a specific instance in mind where docs & patients need to work together more: to customize the duration of antibiotic therapy. Spellberg says it’s a myth – an urban legend – that patients must complete every dose of antibiotics prescribed, even after they feel better. He explains:

Every randomized clinical trial that has ever compared short-course therapy with longer-course therapy … has found that shorter-course therapies are just as effective … This myth needs to be replaced by a new antibiotic mantra: ‘Shorter is better!’ Patients should be told that if they feel substantially better, with resolution of symptoms of infection, they should call the clinician to determine whether antibiotics can be stopped early. Clinicians should be receptive to this concept, and not fear customizing the duration of therapy.

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