A child’s illness and a parent’s fears

The main reason our antibiotics are becoming less effective is they’re being drastically overused in both medicine and food production. But cutting usage isn’t always simple. This video by British GPs nicely addresses one such complicating factor: a parent’s understandable desire to get their sick child well – but making a very common mistake in the process:

Understandably GPs will always get pressure especially from parents to prescribe antibiotics every day. And we know that your worst fear is your children getting ill and you want to protect them but trust us to know when you and your family will need antibiotics – you don’t need to ask for them.

Specifically, the physicians remind us, antibiotics don’t work on the cold and flu, and that sore throats, colds, coughs and earaches usually get better on their own, without antibiotics. Instead, they say, drink lots of fluids, rest, and eat at least one hot meal a day. And expect that a sore throat will usually last a week, and that a cold can last 10 days.

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