Here’s Two of the Best Reports Ever Done for the Public on Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance

Since the World Health Organization has declared November 13 – 19 to be Antibiotic Awareness Week, we thought we’d post two resources that remain some of the best stuff ever put out on the subject. So for that reason and because they were both made a few years ago, we’ll repost them here to help keep them in the public view.

The first is the PBS Frontline investigation, Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria. Infectious disease specialist Brad Spellberg, MD, who runs the Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center, calls this report a “phenomenal story.” (Spellberg’s book, Rising Plague, remains a timely, valuable resource.)

Frontline updates this webpage with recent developments in the field. For example, The Trouble with Chicken looks at poultry, pathogens, and factory farming, a subject making headlines again because of Maryn Mckenna’s new book, Big Chicken.



And the Harvard School of Public Health ran a public forum called Battling Drug-Resistant Superbugs: Can We Win? Don’t worry that it’s Hahvud – this discussion is utterly user friendly. As one of the panelists, a pioneer in the field of resistant disease, remarked, “If I had $800,000 to spend on fighting infectious disease I’d spend $700,000 of it on educating the community. They need to be a partner in using antibiotics properly.”

We reported our takeaway at the time under the title A Message From the Harvard School of Public Health: Please Stop Asking for Antibiotics.


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