Vancouver General Hospital Trial Proves Safety, Efficacy and Work-Place Integration of MRSAid™ Photodisinfection Therapy

MRSAid ApplicationRecently published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, the Vancouver General Hospital’s inaugural deployment of Ondine Biomedical’s MRSAid™ Photodisinfection in a universal decolonization study concluded that it was successful in its ability to decolonize Staph aureus and MRSA from the noses of pre-surgical patients. Given the size of the treated patient population, the study was able to demonstrate both clinical and statistical significance.

In addition to proving MRSAid’s safety, the 3,068 patient trial involving elective cardiac, orthopaedic, spinal, vascular, thoracic, and neuro surgical patients demonstrated antimicrobial impact and a 40% reduction of the surgical site infection (SSI) rates. The SSI rate was reduced to 1.6% vs 2.7% (p=0.0004) for the preceding period of 4 years (historical comparison study). Most noteworthy were the 55% reduction in the surgical site infection rate of the spinal patient group, the 61% reduction in the orthopaedic group and the 80% reduction in the thoracic patient group.

From the untreated sub group, the study demonstrated that patients were 4 times as likely to contract a surgical site infection without MRSAid™ nasal decolonization as compared to having the Photodisinfection treatment. Excellent patient compliance (94% of patients) and ease of work-flow integration within the pre-operative ward were significant advantages that contributed to VGH’s adoption into standard infection control and patient safety practices.

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