The Bug Zone

I’m posting an excellent short video about the ease of transmission of bugs in hospitals. In fact, in the case shown in the film, the transmission of the pathogen was due, ironically, to cleaning the hospital room. The film vividly illustrates just how difficult it is to prevent transmission of germs.

It’s a fun video, a take-off of The Twilight Zone, and so in that spirit poses the question this way: Are differential patient outcomes due to “fate”? Or to something else? Watch the film and see!

The characters  are actual medical personnel from Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre. For example, the role of patient Ben Fortuna is played by Dr. John Embil, Director of the Infection Prevention and Control Unit at the HSC.

The film was shown as part of “Bug Day,” an annual conference on infection control put on by the HSC. It  received an enthusiastic response from the packed lecture theater I was in. It’s a great example of what dedicated people can accomplish when they present a pressing medical issue with humor and imagination.

Two thumbs way up!

To watch The Bug Zone video click here.

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