Why New Innovations In Infection Control Are Important To Our Future

Recently, a report from CTV’s medical specialist Avis Favaro and producer Elizabeth St. Philip highlighted our innovative technology being used at Vancouver General Hospital. After a year long project, the use of MRSAid nasal decolonization and chlorhexidine body wipes before surgery demonstrated a significant reduction in the number of patients contracting surgical site infections.

We are counting on public support to encourage early adoption of this important infection prevention technology in our healthcare facilities. Lives and better patient outcomes are at stake as so many of our current antibiotics have become less effective against a growing number of superbugs. Everyone now knows of someone who has died of an infection; this was not the case when I was growing up.

In my day, there was an antibiotic for every type of bacteria. No longer is this the case. New innovations like MRSAid and the UV light system used at Toronto East General Hospital profiled by this CTV report are going to be even more important to esure that we continue to stay one step ahead of deadly pathogens.

The VGH program using our MRSAid system is the world’s first deployment of photodisinfection technology to reduce healthcare-associated infections. More importantly, there are several other important new applications for which this technology is ideally suited. Due to the combination of potent targeted anti-biofilm efficacy and excellent human tissue safety profile, this non-thermal laser based technology is being developed for:

To learn how photodisinfection can kill superbugs quickly and safely, please read this blog.

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