MRSAid Photodisinfection Technology Demonstrates Successful Results At Vancouver General Hospital

We did it!  After an intense year-long quality improvement project at Vancouver General Hospital, we’ve very excited to announce the successful results of this project.

Here are some highlights of the data:

  • Surgical site infections were reduced by 39%
  • Vancouver General Hospital saved ~$1.9 million
  • Readmissions due to surgical site infections decreased from 4 to 1.25 cases/month
  • 553 patient bed days were freed up
  • 138 more surgeries could be performed

In this project, patients were treated with MRSAid in their nose and given chlorhexidine body wipes prior to surgery. This was done in an effort to reduce the patient’s bacterial load and decrease their risk of developing surgical site infections.

Today is a very proud day for all of us. We can’t thank the amazing team at Vancouver General Hospital enough for their willingness to champion innovation and change. The results of this project mark a global first for photodisinfection as a non-antibiotic approach to reducing surgical site infections.

We have a very busy week ahead of us, so please stay tuned to this blog as we’ll be bringing you a lot more updates over the next few days.

To read the full press release, please click here:

And don’t forget to check out this video we did with some of the wonderful nurses at VGH:

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2 Responses to “MRSAid Photodisinfection Technology Demonstrates Successful Results At Vancouver General Hospital”

  1. Ann says:

    Thank you for what you are doing to eradicate MRSA. My sister got MRSA, later had a knee replacement, got MRSA in her knee & lost her knee. A friend got MRSA, he was in the hospital a long time & never truly recovered, dying at a young age. My brother got MRSA & recovered. MRSA is horrible & something everyone needs to be aware of & concerned about. Thank you for fighting MRSA, & helping hospitals fight MRSA.

  2. dennis says:

    I have had MRSA & VRE for over 13 years. Right now i am in remission for 7 years Came very close to loosing 1 foot. I am also diabetic. Oh yes i also received this infection in the OR. Thanks for the future help of this infection.

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